Normani Reveals That Her Debut Album Is Finished

Normani recently did an interview with WMag and revealed that her highly anticipated debut album is officially complete. Normani was one of five members in famous girl group Fifth Harmony that launched her into stardom! She released her first solo song Motivation in 2019 and this song was very well received by fans and critics! The music video gave people nostalgia as Normani recreated iconic 90s music video scenes! Since the release of Motivation in 2019 Normani has not release any new music. She has however been teasing making music by posting clips in studios, tweets, etc.

Normani told WMag that her album sound more eerie, and has darker sounds. She says she came from a super Pop group but she grew up listening to R&B and she says she has so much space to play with. She states she is not always as bubble gum as 'Motivation' and that her new album will be palatable for a wider audience.