Billie Eilish's Most Recent Releases Are All Secretly Connected

Billie Eilish as we know is an insanely talented singer! She announced her 2nd full length studio album "Happier Than Ever" will be released on July 30, 2021! She hits the mark on every aspect of making music. From her vocals, to her lyrics, that turns into great visuals she hits every mark. Some artists like Taylor Swift like to hide easter eggs in their music videos and lyrics. Billie has done this secretly and no one has noticed until now! Billie's recent releases are all secretly connected! She released a sing titled 'Everything I Wanted' which had beautiful lyrics. One that stands out is 'I had a dream, that I got everything I wanted'. She released her single 'My Future' which was a hit and the lyrics resonated with so many fans as she says "I'm in love with my future". Then she released her song 'Therefore I Am' which showed a more sassy side to Billie where she says 'I think therefore I am'. One fan realized that all of Billie's songs are connected and make a beautiful sentence. 'My future is everything I wanted, therefore I am happier than ever.'