Rihanna Gives Out Her Instagram To Protestor Who Didn't Recognize Her

You would think it would be pretty difficult to not recognize Rihanna in public! I mean c'mon she's Rihanna! She was in New York protesting with the AAPI community in an effort to Stop Asian Hate when one protester comes up to her and asks for her instagram. She off course gives it to him but he was in shock like he almost didn't believe it was Rihanna. Watch the video below:

The AAPI community has been targeted, attacked and in extreme cases killed, just because of they way they look. Women are 2.5x more likely to be victims than men. Attacks are also happening to our most vulnerable, our elderly. Why attack our grandparents?

While there has been a huge rise in AAPI hate crimes this last year-over 3,800 incidents reported in the last year alone (source:Stopaapihate.org), the scapegoating and racism against the AAPI community is a sad part of our US history. It is unacceptable and we need to use our voice and lean in on our allies and friends to help us stop it now.

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