TikTok Creator Finds Out Her Oldest Sister Is Actually Her Mom

In a new trend on TikTok Creators are sharing the biggest lie in their life. For creator Lu Karol she found out her oldest sister is actually her mom! Lu has shared a multi-part story time to her TikTok account where she explains how she find out. One hint was that she recalled her sisters ex-boyfriend' calling her to say "I have some news that would turn your life around 180 degrees". She then discovered that her family had been lying to her for 16 years! Lu's grandparents who she believed were her real parents were trying to hide that their youngest daughter was pregnant as they grew up in Poland in the 90s, which was very religious and conservative. Lu's grandparents acted as her parents so they could protect their daughter. Lu has said that although this was a traumatizing moment in her life, her relationships with her family has not changed. Watch TikTok's of Karol's story time here.