Jennifer Lopez Gets Candid About One Of Her Lockdown Fears

Jennifer Lopez might be one of the biggest pop performers, but the superstar has feared that time away from the spotlight might have an impact on the demand for her show-stopping stature.

"Being home and being with the kids [12-year-old twins Emme and Max] was really a special time. We got to do things we never do," Lopez, 51, told Maluma in their joint cover story for Billboard. "One of the fears of artists who perform is, 'If I stop, it’s going to go away.' And it doesn’t."

The entertainer went on to cite her belief in herself to help push aside the anxiety. "You need to have a little bit more faith in yourself and know that when you’re ready to put out the next album, even if it takes two years, it’s OK," she continued. "You have to take time for things that matter: your kids, your family."

Lopez and Maluma are doing press together ahead of their upcoming rom-com, Marry Me, which is set for release next Valentine's Day. Elsewhere in the interview, the former defended the category of film, arguing that rom-coms are an essential genre in Hollywood. "First of all, romantic comedies are not light movies. They’re necessary, beautiful movies, and I don’t know why people feel like they have to put them down when everybody enjoys them so much," she said. "It's like 'chick flicks.' I don’t know guys who don’t love to go to the movies and watch a rom-com. It’s a very sweet movie, but it’s still a movie about life."

Photo: Getty Images

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