How Katy Perry Changed Sia's Life By Saying No Many Years Ago

Katy Perry just admitted she actually turned down the chance to sing on David Guetta’s global smash “Titanium” back in 2011 which he eventually released with Sia, but that’s because Katy had a pretty good reason to say no.

Sia was a fairly established singer at the time, having recorded with Zero 7, but was far from a household name, especially outside of Australia. She and David wrote “Titanium” together and cut the demo simply to show it to other artists.

While chatting with David during a Tomorrowland virtual press conference, Katy explained what happened next.

"David sent the [“Titanium” demo with Sia] to me and I remember specifically listening to it on a plane and thinking, 'Oh my God, this song is so good! But this is already a hit record.' I was such a huge fan of Zero 7 and so I wrote back an email saying, 'You're crazy. I don’t need to be on this. Keep Sia on the record.' And there is the story of ‘Titanium.'"

Katy’s decision, and the resulting song, obviously changed Sia’s life.