Next Up Artist of the Week: Olivia O'Brien

Olivia O'Brien is our Next Up Artist of the Week! She joined KIIS FM's EJ for a virtual interview about her songwriting process, what she's doing in quarantine, her new single "Josslyn" and more!

EJ and Olivia talked on Instagram live back in April and when they spoke, Olivia mentioned she hasn't been motivated to write any music. Now, she tries to play guitar and write but nothing happens.

I can't write unless I'm out living my life and I can't live my life right now. I can't meet people and get inspired so there's nothing to do. Sometimes I try to write about other people but it's always been hard for me. Writing is just what I always resorted to when I was feeling sad or any kind of emotional. That's how I deal with my feelings and I'm not feeling anything right now.

When it comes to her latest single "Josslyn", Olivia talks about how everyone thinks they know who it's about, but it's really no ones business who it's about.

I'm never going to talk about [who it's about] because it's not anyone's business who it's about because it's not even my business to share because it involves other people. ['Josslyn'] is a little bit angry, it's very petty... The one thing I like to tell people is it's not about Josslyn. It's not about the girl, it's about the guy. The name is just there as a shock value.

Check out the full interview and Olivia's acoustic performance!