Amazon Unveiled A Shopping Cart That Knows What You’re Buying

Photo Provided by Amazon.

Photo Provided by Amazon.

Amazon may have the solution for long lines at the supermarket.

According to the Associate Press, Amazon has unveiled a new shopping cart that uses cameras, a scale and sensors to automatically detect the items you've placed in your smart shopping cart. The coolest part? The cart will tally your items and will charge your Amazon account when you leave the store. That's right... you can skip the scanning and cashier process!

The announcement was made Tuesday, exciting Amazon shoppers! The Associated Press adds that the online shopping giant opened a cashier-less supermarket in Seattle that uses cameras and sensors in the ceiling to track what shoppers grab and charge them as they leave. Inc. also has roughly 25 cashier-less convenience stores with similar technology.

The smart shopping cart is called Amazon Dash Cart, and will reportedly makes its first appearance at a new Los Angeles supermarket that Amazon plans to open later this year. The AP report adds that this upcoming Los Angeles store will have cashiers, but the online giant wants to give you the option to skip the line. In the future, it could be used at Amazon’s Whole Foods grocery chain or other stores, if Amazon sells the technology, but there are no plans for either right now, the report adds.

Finally, there will be a screen near the cart's handle that will list the items being charged. The cart will detect when you and remove items from your cart. The monitor will allow you to notify the cart what personal items you have placed, such as purses, jackets, etc.

Join the conversation! What are your thoughts on the new Amazon Dash Cart?

Photo Provided by Amazon.

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