Anthony Ramos Talks 'Hamilton' On Disney+, Working On New Music & More!

Anthony Ramos joined JoJo Wright on a zoom call to talk all about "Hamilton" on Disney+, working on new music and more!

Anthony was in the original cast of Broadway's "Hamilton", which is now streaming on Disney+. He talked about how excited he is for the world to be able to see this musical.

I'm so excited for the world see this. Folks who have never been to been to Broadway, kids... people of all ages! 'Hamilton' is not a cheap ticket. Broadway is not a cheap ticket. But I'm so grateful that [for the price Disney+ is], someone can pay for the same seat as millions of others and watch the same production of the original company. This has changed our lives, the folks who were involved, but it seems to be changing the lives of so many people all over the world who have been able to see it or listen to the soundtrack.

Although there is no news on when Anthony's next album is going to be released, he talked about how most of the songs are done.

We're still putting it together right now but we got most of the songs picked. Like the first album, we're going to put the cue cards together. I'm going to take the cue cards, tempo and title and see where the story is. The first album felt like a vibe and it was encouraging to hear a lot of people be like 'yo man I love it I just put it on when I'm cleaning or driving' but I said with this second album I kind of want to elevate it and want tempo. I want people to be tired by the end of the album.

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