Trevi Moran Talks About Coming Out As Transgender, New Music & More

YouTube star Trevi Moran recently came out as a transgender woman. She connected with KIIS FM's EJ on Zoom to talk about her journey transitioning.

I'm about three months in on hormone replacement therapy right now. My psych is changing and my body is changing. I go in the shower and look down at my body and finally I feel at home and at peace and I feel like Trevi is this unit I was supposed to be. It makes me really emotional to think about but I'm just so grateful to be in the position I'm in right now.

People may remember Trevi from X Factor and she is still working on new music. In fact, this just released a brand new EP called "Freedom" that came out on July 3rd.

Trevi opened up to EJ about going to rehab in March and she started writing the EP during that time.

It's kind of a shock when you go sober, it's a fresh start at life again. I was like I need all these demons to come to the front and I need to release them by writing, and that's what this EP is. The song 'Cheers' is kind of about being an f-up and apologizing to your family and friends for putting them through what you've put them through and saying you know what I've changed, this is me now. Take it or leave it.

Check out EJ's full interview with Trevi Moran below!

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