Coronavirus Surge Prompts Reversal on Parking Ticket Enforcement

Los Angeles has announced that it will not resume issuing parking tickets during street sweeping after all.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles lawmakers announced yesterday (Wednesday) that parking officials will not resume writing tickets during street sweeping until August at the earliest. This decision comes after a surge in COVID-19 cases.

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13 to 1 to extend L.A.’s relaxed parking rules, which took effect in March when the pandemic stay-at-home order was first imposed.

The report states that the city will not ticket vehicles that are parked in rush-hour and anti-gridlock zones or in residential areas during street sweeping until Aug. 1 at the earliest. Nor will parking officials ticket vehicles with expired registration.

This weel's decision overturns the Transportation Department’s announcement last week that parking enforcement would resume July 6, a decision greeted with dread in areas where street parking is scarce and far more people are home than usual.

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