Brendon Urie Is Redirecting Charity Funds To Anti-Racist Organizations

George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police a week ago (May 25), and as Black Lives Matter protests have been rolling out around the country, people are wondering how they can most effectively help. Many celebrities from all walks of life began calling for justice, including many in the rock community.

On Monday (June 1), Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie broke his silence in a vow to no longer be complicit via a lengthy message on Twitter, where he revealed he was showing support by redirecting funds from his Highest Hopes Foundation to anti-racist organizations including Minnesota Freedom Fund, Black Visions Collective, The Bail Project, Know Your Rights Camp, and Legal Defense Fund.

Read his full statement below.

I am complicit. I have been complicit for too long. I am realizing more and more each day how harmful my silence has been and hw important it is to share my thoughts and feelings.
I keep waking up angry. And I know a a cisgendered white male that my opinion holds a massive amount of privilege. I hope to engage that privilege for the benefit of the oppressed. I am disgusting when I think of how I’ve let my privilege keep me safe while other human beings suffer and are murdered. Why? Because I was ‘too anxious’ to speak out or I felt my opinion on race as a ‘white dude’ didn’t matter? How privileged of me. But, no, it all very much matters. Holy fuck, it matters.
I’ve never considered myself racist. That’s because I’ve never had to worry about it. I benefit from a system that has oppressed and continues to oppress anyone that isn’t white; more specifically, black people. Never in my life has my mom or dad said to me ‘son, because of the color of your skin, these people are going to try to kill you.’
I will never know that struggle. The pain. And no one should EVER have to know what kind of pain.
I will no longer be complicit. I will no longer stand-by inactive and silent. I can’t. We can’t afford to keep looking away from our brothers and sisters. I hear you. I mourn with you. I stand with you.
I am redirecting the funds from the Highest Hopes Foundation to benefit anti-racist organizations, some of which I’ve tagged in this post. I will also continue donating personally. I am committed to unlearning/relearning and I’m open to any suggestions and information you all may have. Thank you, stay safe and look out for each other.

Photo: Getty Images