Madison Beer Talks 'Selfish', Dealing With Anxiety & More

Madison Beer jumped on a Zoom call with EJ to talk all about her new song "Selfish", what's she's been doing in quarantine and more.

With the release of her new song "Selfish" Madison talks about being antsy to get back to work. She's been directing her own music videos and says right when we're allowed to go out and be safe, she wants to get back to making her videos.

But with "Selfish", she says it was a "very intimidating song to put out" but it has resonated with her fans so much more than she ever expected.

I'm so grateful that it's this song that is doing so well. Maybe you would want that amount of streams on a song that is more upbeat or more radio-friendly. People might say you should strive for that amount of streams on something like that, but I would so much rather it be a song like this that is actually hitting people's hearts and making people feel something. I'm glad it's this song that is breaking new records for me.

Madison also talked to EJ about dealing with anxiety. She recently did a talk with a college sorority who asked her all about how she copes with her anxiety.

Something that has helped me, in any aspect, regardless of the coronavirus, is that I think really unrealistically when I'm spiraling with anxiety and my brain will go to places that probably wont happen, probably unrealistic but I'll still freak out about it. So something I've instilled in my life is the 'what if, if then' and that's helped me and a lot of people around me. So if you think what if this goes on for another month? If then, I'll be in my house for another month and that's what I'm going to have to accept, instead of going down the path of freaking out.

Watch the full interview below!

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