Asher Angel Talks New Song 'Guilty,' Quarantine and More With EJ!

Asher Angel jumped on a Zoom called with EJ to talk all about his new single "Guilty."

While Asher is home trying to be creative and making music, it unfortunately has pushed back filming for Shazam 2.

We didn't start shooting yet. We were supposed to start in the summer but now we're pushed back [to release] in 2022 so I have to wait longer! But hopefully we can get out there and start doing this thing as soon as possible.

Asher also talked about his new single "Guilty" that he just released.

I've been waiting for this song to come out and it's totally different than anything that I have put out. The song is so cool because I just feel like it's going to reach people on that emotion level. It's going to connect with them because it's a love song gone wrong.

Watch the full interview below!

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