CHP Reports 87% Increase In Tickets to Drivers Speeding Over 100 mph

You may have noticed the lack of traffic lately as a result of California's stay at home orders.

Southern California doesn't seem like the same place anymore now that our freeways are vacant. However, California Highway Patrol officers are on the lookout for drivers taking advantage of the empty roads. According to ABC7, CHP says they saw an 87% increase in the amount of tickets given to drivers speeding more than 100 mph between March 19th and April 19th in comparison to the same period last year (2019).

ABC7 adds that CHP Officer Roberto Gomez says: "People think that the freeways are empty, that it's OK to speed because you're not going to hurt anybody. But what ends up happening is the same vehicles are the ones that we see rolled over, they're crashing into the walls, they're facing the wrong way." No matter how many people are driving on the road, Gomez and other CHP officers are on alert because of the high speeds.

If you drive more than 20 mph above the posted speed limit, you won't be able to go to traffic school. At more than 100 mph, get ready to pay a lot in fines, ABC7 adds.

CHP officers are asking drivers to drive safely at the speed limit, and stress that drivers driving at very high speeds could lose control even with the slightest mistake.

For more information, refer to Caltrans' news release for more information.

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