I Made My Own Tie-Dye Sweat Set! Learn How to Do It

If you haven't made banana bread or done DIY tie-dye, are you even quarantining?! Jokes aside, my boyfriend and I decided to make our own version of the trendy sweat sets and they turned out pretty well!

We ordered black sweats from Amazon and all you need is bleach, rubber bands and a spray bottle.

That said, we are going to try again to perfect them because we learned from a few mistakes.

First off, make sure to get the same matching top and bottom because different materials will take different and also be sure to size up. Let's just say my boyfriend's ended up a crop.

Follow the directions from my previous blog here or below:

All you need is a pair of black or navy sweats and/or a sweatshirt, rubber bands, bleach and water. (You can also do this with white or light colored sweats but that will require colors to dye with.)

Take the pants and top and starting from one side, bunch up in your hands and then wrap off with the rubber bands. Keep going until you have a nice little bundle.

Take your bleach and water and mix it together one-to-one ratio in an old spray bottle.

Spray the rubber band areas and make sure to get in the crevices.

Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. The key is to wait until the water rinses clear then you’re ready to wash them. Wash on cold with a little bit of detergent and dry per usual and voila! You have your own tie dye lounge set!

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