Is Taylor Swift Dropping New Music Amid Quarantine? All the Clues

Is Taylor Swift releasing new music during COVID-19 quarantine? Fans sure think so! As Swifties are well aware, Taylor doesn’t just release music, she drops Easter eggs and clues for days — sometimes even months.

The songstress posted an Instagram and Twitter selfie of herself with the caption “not a lot going on at the moment” on April 27 at 5:08 p.m.

While this may just be a causal #SaferAtHome post, Swifties beg to differ pointing out she posted the photos at 5:08 which translates to the date May 8 which happens to be next Friday and Fridays are when new music typically comes out …

If that weren’t enough, Taylor makes a reference to the number 58 in her music video for “The Man” as well during the wedding scene when it reads “58 years later.”

Fans have also pointed out she’s used the word “heavenly” lately …

Only time will tell! What do you think? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan and @TanyaRad

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