Scotty Sire Talks New Look, Spilling Secrets At Wango Tango + More!

Scotty Sire jumped on a Zoom chat with EJ to talk all about his new music, what he's been up to in quarantine and more!

When Scotty first signed on, it was shocking to see he died his hair blonde and shaved his beard! But it seems like everyone is changing up their hairstyles these days out of boredom.

After just dropping his new song "Samurai" this week, Scotty talks a little bit about the song:

"Samurai" is probably the weirdest song I've made for far, it's the least-sounding like my other music. I went into the studio on that song and I was like I want to do something that's completely different than what I've done before and just have fun with it and the same time. It's kind of a raunchy song, "hard" but goofy. It's just weird and interesting. And it's a song about someone you don't like.

Scotty is also making a TikTok dance with the song!

Check out the full interview below!

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