Meghan Trainor Talks 'Treat Myself', Being Quarantined & More

Meghan Trainor jumped on a Skype call with JoJo Wright to talk while at home in quarantine. They talked about what she's doing at home, 'Treat Myself', and more!

While at home, Meghan has been keeping busy by working out with her family, do some arts and crafts, watch movies and tries to stick to a routine.

Besides the dark part of this, this has actually been like a nice world way of telling me 'hey let's take a break'! It also slapped me in the face of what actually matters. Like let's not stress out about stupid little things and realize oh there are actual problems in the world that we have to deal with and little things shouldn't bug us.

Meghan has noticed her new album "Treat Myself" is shining in the dance community! She talks about how fans are picking songs that aren't singles and creating dances to them on TikTok.

Watch the full interview below.

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