Trevor Daniel Speaks On His Anxiety, Quarantine Life, 'Falling' & More

Trevor Daniel jumped on KIIS-FM's Instagram Live with EJ to talk about "Falling", quarantine life and more.

When all the stay at home orders went into place, Trevor was in Los Angeles and drove all the way back home to Houston to be close to his family. He opened up a little bit about his anxiety and having a panic attack.

Trevor has been working on music while in quarantine but also said he's learning a lot about himself.

I've been writing a book, actually. It's just like my journal. I feel like journals are inconsistent for me. I end up making a lot more music, then stop journaling. But now if I have a thought, I'll write it down in this journal. And my journals have always been half doodles, half crazy things that come to my head. But I wanted to keep it consistent throughout this quarantine because I feel like this is a very testing time for a lot of people, mentally. I've written some really interesting stuff I've never thought about until having so much time to really just sit here in my mind.

Check out the full interview below!

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