California Landlord Waives April Rent Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Saving for Rent

Saving for Rent

A landlord in California has waived rent for all tenants next month in the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Attorney Dennis Beaver of Bakersfield, California, has created what he’s dubbed the “Beaver Stimulus Package,” which will forgive tenants’ rent costs for all of April. According to an Instagram post shared by Good News Movement, Beaver announced the package in a letter sent out early Tuesday morning (March 24).

“We are all in this battle together and realize the hardship you are experiencing, or will likely be, soon. We need to help each other and pay it forward,” Beaver writes in the message. “Therefore, rent for April is forgiven. Do not pay April rent. Just call this the 'Beaver Stimulus Package' for our tenants.”

In closing his letter, Beaver also urged proprietors who can do the same to act accordingly, writing, “I think there are hundreds of landlords in this area who have the ability of doing the same thing.”

Beaver’s thoughtful gesture comes just days after California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a lockdown that requires all California residents to stay home until further notice — except as needed for essential activities — as the state attempts to help flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus.

The lockdown has led all dine-in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, entertainment venues, gym and fitness centers to close indefinitely, forcing many citizens out of work.

As of this morning, California has over 2,100 confirmed cases of the diseases, with 43 total deaths and counting.

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