Monsta X Meets Fans At The Roxy In Los Angeles!

International pop music super-stars Monsta X held an exclusive album release party last week in Los Angeles, CA at The Roxy! In addition to meeting a select group of fans, the guys took the stage to perform 3 songs straight off the 'All About Luv' album tracklist. I.M, Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun and Hyungwon also gave some Los Angeles Monbebe the chance to ask questions, which were answered in a Q+A hosted by KIIS FM's JoJo Wright.

Fans assembled on-stage in groups of four to greet the 'Who Do U Love' artists and snap a couple photos. Swipe through the gallery below to get a glimpse at some of the meet and greet moments.

Monsta X's fans did not disappoint when it came to their interesting and hard hitting questions. When I.M was asked what other languages he'd be interested in incorporating to Monsta X's lyrics, he shared that he's had his sights set on learning some Spanish.

I'm not really good at Korean and I'm not really good at English too, but I really want to learn Spanish...qué pasa?

Watch in the Twitter video posted below.

Fans also were given insight to each of the members' personal favorite song listed on the 'All About Luv' tracklist. Shownu showed some love for 'Beside U feat. Pitbull,' Kihyun was partial towards 'Misbehave,' and I.M got the entire crowd singing along to 'Got My Number' a cappella. Minhyuk gravitated toward their current single 'Middle of the Night' and Hyungwon picked 'You Can't Hold My Heart.'

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