Next Up Artist of the Week: Cody Newman

Meet our current KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week - Cody Newman! Cody came by the studios recently to chat with EJ about her passion for singing, her writing process and more!

After being put in guitar lessons by her mother at 6 years old, she shared that she's been in love with singing and creating music ever since. Her favorite type of music to sing changes based on her mood.

It depends on what mood I'm in. If I'm in like, a belty mood there's like certain songs. And then If like sometimes I like peaceful, sometimes I play more with the guitar. It just depends.

Although Cody enjoys the process of recording music, she shared that often times she'll get stuck in her head while chasing the perfect take. Although one might attribute it to nerves, Newman shared that it actually comes from a desire for her listeners to hear the best possible music she can make.

Whenever I record any kind of music for like, whatever - I'm always in my head because I'm like 'wait - what if I mess up?' I have to do another take and that's time consuming. Sometimes I even give up. It's so difficult to be perfect...I just want people to get the best out of what they come there for.

Watch above as Cody opens up about coming to LA from the east coast, the process of writing for her 'End of Infinity' EP and more!