Camila Cabello Talks About Her New Album 'Romance'

Camila Cabello joins JoJo Wright, Jesse Lozano, and Sisanie in the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge to talk about her love for dogs, what the theme of her next album is, the craziness of the last few years of her life.

What to expect from her new album

The album just came out today and it is all songs about falling in love.

What she is looking forward to in 2020:

I'm looking forward to being in Cinderella. I am going to be in the remake in Cinderella.

On the story of Camila stealing a pencil from Kensington palace:

I just wanted to get a souvenir and I I spoke about it on the BBC the next day because I am an idiot. An article came out about how the pencil cost THOUSANDS of dollars and then I got scared I was going to get in trouble.

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