There's A Secret Menu Cinnamon Bun Cheeseburger At Walt Disney World

There are so many delicious meals and treats and Disney parks that people post about online, but slowly we're starting to learn about some secret menu items.

There is a Cinnamon Bun and Candied Bacon Cheeseburger we need to tell you about!

The epic concoction can be found at the World Premiere Food Court inside Disney's All Star Movies Resort in Orlando, Florida. The burger is a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two warm and flaky cinnamon buns topped with icing. OMG!

But this sandwich isn't on the menu, hence the "secret" part of this meal.

When you go up to order, ask a cast member for the secret menu and they'll hand you a menu with the secret items including poutine fries, mac-n-cheese hot dogs, and this cinnamon bun cheeseburger.

The cheeseburger cost $15 but definitely seems worth it for the heavenly sweet and savory combo!

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