A Future Superhero

Yuri Williams has always been a giving person thanks to the woman who showed him the ropes. Lynda C.Hubbard is his mother and she passed away from Cancer in 2009. That might have been the worst year of his life. It took him five years to some what recover from losing the person who taught him everything. During the five year process he came up with an idea to help the underserved in his community. Came up with an idea to feed the elderly, children, veterans and the homeless, and also visit ill children dressed as Spider-Man. They loved it and that’s when the idea of the non profit A FUTURE SUPERHERO AND FRIENDS was born. They currently have completed several projects over the years that include (blood drives, movie-night, toy drives, feeding and clothing the homeless and also visited 50 states).

Yuri Williams (Founder)

A Future Super Hero