Ellen DeGeneres Adopted The Cutest Puppy & Her Name Is Adorable

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Show

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Show

Ellen Degeneres shared some exciting news with her audience during The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday (September 17). She and her wife, Portia Derossi, have expanded their family by adopting another dog. Ellen and Portia are already dog-mamas to three other adorable pups, but they couldn't help but bring a sweet standard poodle puppy into their family. Ellen's new dog is super cute and her name is even cuter.

“I’m talking fast because I’m excited, because I want to tell you something exciting,” DeGeneres told the crowd. “We rescued a puppy.” Ellen and Portia adopted the brown poodle from a Studio City, California rescue called Wagmor. “She’s so cute, I can’t even take it,” Ellen said as a ton of pictures of the sweet pup popped up on the screen behind her.

"She's tiny! Her name is Mrs. Wallis Browning. Or Wallis, or Wally, but Mrs. Wallis Whitmore Browning is her maiden name . . . She's very adorable and pretty and precious, and she knows it. This is this morning, looking in the mirror at herself," Ellen said, showing off a photo of the adorable little pup checking out her reflection in the mirror.

Ellen revealed some of Wallis's backstory, which highlights some of the many reasons why rescuing your pet is such a great idea. The talk show host peppered in some of her signature humor, though, of course. "Wallis is 3 months old and she unfortunately was with some irresponsible people — she was kept in a cage outside in the desert since she was 2 months old, just on the ground in a cage," Ellen shared. "So she was never able to run, she never had a toy, she never wagged her tail, she never lived next door to Oprah — it's all changed! It's all different now."

Congrats on the adorable new addition, Ellen and Portia!

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