Shawn Mendes Gets Fan-Inspired Butterfly Tattoo After Sliding Into Her DMs

It's not every day you get a direct message on Twitter from Shawn Mendes.

The 20-year-old "If I Can't Have You" singer straight up slid into a fan named Kayla's DMs last Thursday (July 18) on Twitter after seeing an edit she made on PicsArt Photo Editing App of a butterfly tattoo on his left biceps — the photo of the butterfly has wings on the right side and the wings on the left are made up of flowers. He retweeted the edited photo and asked the fan if she could DM him the drawing.

The pair exchanged a quick conversation and the superstar asked the fan to send him a scan of the photo as well as asking her how she created the edit and got the drawing of the butterfly on him.

For most fans, just DMing with your fave would be enough to completely make their life but little did the fan know, Mendes wasn't joking about how much he loved the tattoo.

Just a few days later on Sunday (July 21), Mendes' tattoo artist, Livia Tsang, surprised the entire Mendes Army when she posted a photo of him with a new tattoo!

Just as expected, Mendes got a butterfly tattoo in the exact location from the fan's edit. The tattoo artist changed the style of the tattoo a little bit from the original in the edit (which was drawn by Chilean tattoo artist Macdreaper) and it looks incredible!

Mendes is currently on tour and still causing quite a stir after continuing to fuel rumors of a romance with friend and "Señorita" collaborator Camila Cabello.

Photo: Getty Images

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