Why We Should All Listen to the Mysterious R&B Duo: Emotional Oranges

Los Angeles natives, Emotional Oranges rises to the occasion for the last pit-stop of their American tour which pridefully takes place in their hometown. The R&B pair uses rhythmic beats and a modern flare to captivate their growing international fanbase. While remaining true to who they are, Emotional Oranges conceals their identity as a musical tactic to allow their artistry be at the forefront of their emerging careers.

The Los Angeles segment of Emotional Oranges’ international tour concludes the national aspect of their performances as they prepare to leave for Europe for their shows in France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Their transparency and authenticity in artistic values and ethics will make the Emotional Oranges' duo's future very optimistic. Even with their ambiguous performances, Emotional Oranges still knows how to intimately connect with their fans and this is a powerful formula in which will make them and their legacy as artists, musically unforgettable.

Before their performance at the El Rey Theatre, the new duo spoke candidly about their early experiences as artists and how much gratitude they feel for their expanding global audience.

What is the story behind your quirky name, “Emotional Oranges?” What was the “aha” moment that led you to pursue this as your mysterious alias?

(Anonymous male member) (Chuckles) Trying to find a word that rhymes with emotional.

What was the most defining moment of your guys’ career in 2018? How does this personal accomplishment fuel your guys’ drive for 2019?

(V) My Mom being at the New York show… she hasn’t seen me perform in a while and to just have her there; seeing her proud, that to me meant everything and now it just pushes me to work even harder. (Anonymous male member) Seeing my Dad at the San Francisco show...it was his first time seeing me perform in a few years and performance-wise he is a really sick poet and I know it meant a lot to him for him to see people recite back the words and the energy.

How would you describe your musical sound? What genre of music do you feel fits your identity as a group of artists the most?

(V) For me, there are so many sounds that our music becomes an emotional journey and you can’t say what is your emotion as a human-being when you encompass all of them. I feel like our music does that along with the flavor of who we are and where we come from; it’s like future nostalgia with an R&B influence.

What artists have inspired you guys the most and how have they helped you find your unique sense of sound?

(V & Anonymous male member) Sade, Aaliyah, Prince, and Michael Jackson.

I noticed there are a lot of songs about heartbreak and emotional progression. What personal experiences have aided you guys in the creation of this album?

(V) A break up was happening in tandem; drawing from that heartbreak and liberation at the same time with our own personal experiences came from an extremely real place. (Anonymous male member) Her ex-boyfriend was my best friend growing up and that is actually how we met. It is crazy because like one life ended and another relationship began. Songs like “Corners of my Mind” and “Someone Else,” came from those kind of experiences.

Which artists would you guys love to collaborate with in the future?

(Anonymous male member) Disclosure and Anderson .Paak.

Now that you guys are currently on an international tour. What may be the next step for “Emotional Oranges?” How are you guys going to prepare for the rest of 2019 as emerging artists who now have their first executed album underneath their belt?

(V) Evolving, being better as a team, and connecting with people.

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