Paris Jackson On The 'Right Track To Recovery' After Alleged Suicide Scare

Paris Jackson is said to be in a more positive head space since her alleged suicide scare earlier this month, per a report by TMZ. The online publication claims that she's been spending time with friends, family and taking advice from loved ones to change her disposition.

On March 16th TMZ reported that Michael Jackson's only daughter was rushed to a hospital in the Los Angeles area after attempting suicide by cutting her wrists. Jackson ended up getting released from the hospital shortly thereafter with the intention of seeking treatment at another facility, but not following through. Sources revealed that "Paris is dealing with all sorts of emotional issues as well as substance abuse issues" and "the attempted suicide shows some serious underlying problems."

After the news broke, the model took to twitter to publicly blast the news source calling them "f--- liars." It was not immediately clear if she was claiming they lied about her suicide attempt or if she was calling them liars in the general sense.

Sources close to the Jackson family have allegedly revealed that Paris is doing all she can to improve her mental and physical health, outside of seeking professional treatment. She's "eating better, exercising and working on psychological issues" in an attempt to maintain wellness.

Her 21st birthday is coming up in just over a week, and organizing a party for the occasion has reportedly kept Paris busy. Her younger brothers Prince Jackson and Blanket Jackson have also been in regular communication with her and close Jackson family friend Macaulay Culkin has shows support as well.

Paris has also taken to social media to jump into the conversation about HBO's controversial Leaving Neverland documentary, which reignited claims Michael Jackson was a pedophile and sexual abuser.

She explained on Twitter it is "not her role" to defend her father following the allegations. Instead she said, “there’s nothing i can say that hasn’t already been said in regards to defense." She commended her cousin Taj for his efforts. "Taj is doing a perfect job on his own, and i support him but that’s not my role.”

In another message regarding her the documentary, Paris wrote, “My father handled his trials and tribulations with grace, peace, and love. it’s a more effective way of life. i suggest we all take that as an example.”

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