'Seeking Sister Wife' Stars Arrested

Fans of TLC's Seeking Sister Wife are fascinated by the couples spotlighted on the show and their desire to add another wife to their families. Among those appearing on program are Bernie and Paige McGee. Viewers get to see all the pair's highs and lows on the show, but last week in real life, the pair experienced what was definitely a low - they were arrested.

According to the Jasper County Jail in Mississippi, Bernie and Paige were taken into custody on Friday for stalking. TMZ reports that the couple allegedly stalked Paige's brother, Patrick Marble, as well as his girlfriend, calling him and harassing him at work, on his cell phone and at his home. It was so bad Patrick and his girlfriend claim they fear for their lives.

While there is no word on exactly what the pair said to Patrick or why, they've clearly had beef with him for some time. Since the show debuted, they've been feuding. Then, last month, Patrick tweeted out a screenshot of what he said was his sister's message to someone on Facebook, attacking that person's child who has Down syndrome.

She allegedly wrote, "Yes, I do feel sorry your child is a r****d with mental issues. I believe your child has Down syndrome because of what a horrible person you are and God is punishing you."

Patrick went on to tweet about how the only thing TLC and his sister "care about are ratings."

Hours after Bernie and Paige's arrest, they paid $250 bail each and were released. They'll appear in court on April 3.

You can watch Seeking Sister Wife Sundays at 10 on TLC.

Photo: TLC, Jasper County Jail

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