Next Up Artist of the Week: Jake Miller


Meet our Next Up Artist of the Week - Jake Miller! Jake stopped by the KIIS FM studio to chat with EJ about his songwriting process, finding his sound and to perform a few of his tracks!

Miller is a pop-music producer and recording artist from Miami, Florida who grew up listening to and playing music with his father, who he considers one of his first creative influences.

I mean all the music that my dad, you know played and turned me on to when I was a kid or on the boat in the Keys, like that's the music that has stuck with me and is still the music I like to listen to sometimes just to kind of bring me out of a funk or just make me happy 'cause those are like the songs that just bring me back to like you know when I was a little kid just with my family in Florida...margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett stuff like that. You turn that on I can't help but smile.

When it comes to writing music, the process always starts differently for Jake. He says the lyrics usually come last, because he likes to take his time and focus on on them. Although a lot of Miller's music tends to be introspective and, as he describes, 'sad', Jake prefers songs that have a little bit of a pinch to it. His favorite song is called "Stop This Train" by John Mayer, which he appreciates because it's not a typical song about love but instead shares a message about not letting life slip by.

Some of Jake Miller's biggest influences are Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, Kanye West, Pharrell and John Mayer.

Check out his performance of "On My Way" and "Wait For You" below!



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