KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week: Rachel Crow

Meet Rachel Crow - our current KIIS Next Up Artist of the Week! She stopped by our Next Up stage to talk about her new music, television show, writing songs and more. Watch above as she opens up with KIIS FM's EJ!

Rachel's career jump-started as a contestant on the X Factor USA's first season back in 2012 and has progressed into all areas of the entertainment industry. Rachel hilariously described her take on being a singer boils down to "sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not."

It's the thing I love to do most in this world. I've just have always loved it. When you get on stage, it's kind of like - well am I going to sound okay? We'll see. Is it gonna go well? We'll see...welcome to the show guys. Can't tell you what you're going to get, but I promise it will be fun.

Crow revealed that her songwriting process usually begins with a conversation or session with her co-writer / best friend. They'll note when something they say stands out as a lyric or song topic, and it will all take off from there. Rachel also writes a lot about personal experiences or things she needs to "get out of her system." For example, her current song "Up All Night" was about a whirlwind romance that would enter a cycle of abruptly ending and beginning again. She also revealed that it's hard for her to sing other people's songs, because she loves the process of creating music from start to finish.

Although performing is something she loves to do, Crow did reveal that getting on stage can be quite stressful.

It's stressful. I still get nervous every time...I don't know, I think it's hard to sort of put yourself out there and just sing, but like I find once I'm a verse into the song it's like 'okay - I love this. I love you guys, I'm happy to be here.' But sometimes I get nervous, I'm like what are they gonna think of me? What if it doesn't go well?

No signs of stress were shown on our stage however! Watch below as Rachel performs her new song 'Up All Night' and more!

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