Charli XCX Rates 90's Dating Trends For Valentine's Day!


Charli XCX has been ramping up the conversation around 90's nostalgia on the internet to new heights with her recent collaboration with Troye Sivan '1999!' Back in the 90's we didn't have Tinder to find matches or music streaming services to send playlists to our crushes, but there were some...interesting alternatives. Watch above as the 'Unlock It' singer locks and unlocks some of the most popular ways to get romantic back in the 1990's!

Although passing notes to our crushes is still around today, sliding into their DMs is definitely the preferred millennial method of testing the dating waters. Charli is totally down with putting pen to paper and getting across her message the old fashioned way.

I think handwritten notes whether they're of a romantic variety or not are underrated. My handwriting's definitely got worse since phones, period. Bring back the letter. Love it, old school.

The weirder the dating trend, the better for the 'Vroom Vroom' artist. When it comes to VHS video dating she loves the idea of someone awkwardly trying to sell themselves to potential suitors. Charli even gave us a little taste of what her VHS might feature.

Hi. I'm Charli. Um, I'm twenty seven from the UK. I love getting drunk. And I do embarrassing things when I'm wasted all the time. So if you want a wild night out with lots of this video again and then call me up.

Although Angelina Jolie and her 90's boyfriend actor Billy Bob Thornton were *probably* the only couple walking red carpets wearing vials of each other's blood (seriously...they did that), it's a trend that Charli thinks more people should totally get on board with. She commented "It's hot...bring it back. Yes, love a blood vial."

Although sending playlists are certainly not a thing of the past, the way we distribute them to romantic interests has definitely been switched up. Charli's for sure good with making a mixtape for your crush, but making it on a CD shows that you're going the extra mile.

I don't want to send them a playlist. I would like to give them a physical gift I could doodle on. Which is why you know, like a mixtape, CD is perfect. Better than like a USB or's a link to this playlist. That doesn't take any effort. The cool thing about a mixtape is that you have to do the artwork. You have to do all of the tracklist. Maybe even listen to it through. That's pretty cute.



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