Alessia Cara Does Pumpkin Carving ASMR For Halloween


Alessia Cara explored ASMR with a Halloween twist! The Growing Pains singer dropped by the KIIS FM studio to celebrate the holiday while doing some traditional spooky pastimes. Watch above as she carves a pumpkin, eats candy and opens up about all her Halloween favorites!

On the topic of candy, Alessia said that her favorite are 'fuzzy peaches' or 'Cherry Blasters' - which she enjoys back home in Canada. 

Her Halloween costume idea plans for this year are very retro! The Here performer revealed that her squad would like to roll out inspired by Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang. Alessia would be Velma and her best friend Daphne.

Her choice of a more mild costume (as opposed to something more gory) makes sense, as Alessia also revealed that she's not the biggest horror movie fan.

I'm gonna be real with you guys. I'm not into horror movies. I'm actually a big chicken when it comes to horror films. So...I can't really say which one is my favorite. But the earliest memory I have of horror films is watching 'The Ring' when I wasn't supposed to and that scared me for my entire life. And 'Chucky' - the one with the doll.


Playing with leaves and drinking hot chocolate are some of Alessia's favorite Fall activities.

Probably, stepping on leaves. Like dead leaves. Because they make a really nice crunchy sound...or just like raking up leaves. Jumping in leaves. That's always fun...getting hot chocolate with my mom is always great. We start getting hot chocolates in the fall even though they're kind of a winter thing. We love just like getting hot chocolates and drinking them in the car and talking. That's always fun.

Alessia Cara's new album 'The Pains of Growing' is set to drop on November 30th. Get in touch with her on social media below: 

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