Feel Good Friday: 'Girls Love Mail' Delivers Letters To Cancer Patients

This week's Feel Good Friday story is super, super special.

Girls Love Mail is a nonprofit that has strangers write letters of love and encouragement to breast cancer patients.

Cany you believe the charity originally launched in August 2011, and they've already sent over 125,000 letters to cancer patients around the world. 

People from all ages and places have written letters, including fourth graders and 90-year-olds across the US, plus Canada, Japan, Germany, Korea, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Australia, Malta, Burma, and The Netherlands.

"I received a note from a complete stranger and it was so powerful,” one patient said. “Now I keep the letter on my nightstand and read it every night before bed to gain strength. I’m amazed at the kindness in this world.”

Gina Mulligan is the founder of Girls Love Mail. Gina got the idea to start the charity after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. 

“Letters were all around me, and I realized letters are a precious gift with the power to heal,”Gina said.

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