Janet Jackson Reminisces About Michael Jackson With JoJo Wright!


Living icon Janet Jackson stopped by the KIIS FM studios to chat with Jojo Wright and she opened up a bit about her brother Michael Jackson. Watch above as Jojo talks to Ms. Jackson about body art and the one time he personally got into a cake fight with the King of Pop! 

After showing off his Michael Jackson tattoos to Janet, JoJo suggested that he add one honoring herself to his collection. He even offered for her to come by the station again and they could do it live on the radio!

At some point I wanna have you sign something, a little note to me. I'm gonna add your tat to this arm, if you don't mind. Is that crazy to even think? Am I stupid?

Janet then revealed that she often comes across people sporting tattoos with her name, photos of herself and even replications of her own tattoos. She can't remember the last time she personally got ink, but said everyone on her tour has been begging her to get some commemorating the experience. However, of the tattoos that she already has, Janet said they're all in spots where she can't normally see them. 

Jojo's personal run-in with her brother Michael Jackson occurred in 2003 at his 'Never-land Ranch' residence during a charity event. Michael was passing out cake and got into a food fight with some members of the Backstreet Boys, before turning and getting Jojo involved.

I only met him one time at Neverland. I was hosting a charity event and he threw cake in my face...we brought a cake on-stage to sing happy birthday to him. He handed a piece of cake to a little girl in the crowd. I said 'oh no we're going to have a cake fight.' Kind of thinking - I'm going to bait it to see if anything happens. Him and Nick Carter and Aaron Carter end up throwing cake at each other - a little chaos. Then Michael turns around and he's staring at me. I said 'hit me Michael' - he goes 'are you sure?' and I'm like 'Yeah!' He hit me with cake. 

Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 60th birthday today on August 29th. His impact on music will never be forgotten and an entire generation of artists were inspired by his art. 


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