Top 10 Madonna Songs

Seeing as the legendary Madonna has her birthday coming up, why not highlight some of her most memorable, iconic, and timeless songs (she has quite a few). While a list of 60 amazing songs could be a great way to highlight her 60th birthday and wide array of music, we decided to stick to 10. So check out our list of the best of the best! 

1. Like A PrayerNot only is this song amazing both instrumentally and lyrically, but the music video speaks volume as well. This particular song seems to embody all of the things Madonna advocated for and represents to this day. It's refined and mature while still sending an incredible message and maintains its fun edge.

2. VogueThis song will always stand the test of time and for good reasons! Madonna has always been known for expressing her sexuality and accepting people of all kinds, and this song and video definitely represent those values. Vogue is an anthem for everyone and anyone who needs a mood boost and is especially relevant in the LGBT community!

Not to mention the incredible appearance this song makes in The Devil Wears Prada, creating one of the most iconic scenes in the movie.

3. Express YourselfKnow your worth! That's what this song is all about and it is an absolutely empowering song for men and women alike. Further expressing herself, Madonna created this song that's fun, energetic, and sends a great message to all listening. 

4. Ray of LightWe all know this song, as we should due to the fact that it's been featured in countless movies for its encouraging spirit. Madonna was incredible at embodying a certain way of life and ideology in all of her songs while still managing to show her versatility in song production! 

5. Like A VirginThough this song has an entirely different tone than previous ones, it still provides an equal sense of energy and empowerment. The song itself is definitely ahead of its time, much like Madonna simply as an artist. She and this song (and her performances of it) definitely did a lot of work in the development of women's freedom of expression!

6. Into the GrooveAnother cutting edge song with an equally edgy music video! Into the Groove continues to highlight Madonna's incredible sense of self, sexuality, and freedom of expression. This song adds to the artists collection of songs to boost any listeners confidence!

7. Papa Don't PreachContinuing on with her songs of empowerment, this one is truly for women and inspires them to become more independent and express it. Being able to truly reveal who you are to the world is a big step, and Madonna is definitely with you every step of the way!

8. HolidayThis particular song by Madonna doesn't have the same kick to it as others in spreading her message of strength and acceptance, but it does allow everyone to let loose! Holiday is one song that anyone can listen to and have an instant mood boost.

9. BorderlineBorderline, every so slightly underrated, is another song that is somewhat more lighthearted than others, but still has a clear message. This song is a great balance between a simple, fun, feel-good song and a song that has some punch to it! 

10. Material GirlSome might see this song as being solely materialistic (not that the title says otherwise), but it the lyrics to this song definitely suggest more to this song than just material. That is the exact beauty in this song: it can simply be a song made to amuse and entertain, or it can be a song that lets people know that their partner should treat them correctly and respect them.

But diamonds are nice too!

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