Feel Good Friday: 'Donut Boy' Has Delivered Over 65K Donuts To Thank Police

This week's Feel Good Friday story comes all the way from the east coast.

You would think Florida fifth grader Tyler Carach would be sick of dealing with doughnuts. The 10 year old has delivered more than 65,000 to police officers in 31 states in less than two years. According to his mother, it's quite the opposite.

A few summers ago Tyler had the idea to buy doughnuts with his allowance, when he saw four police officers and wondered if they wanted a snack. Their 'extreme' gratitude' inspired him to embark on a mission to thank every police officer in America. Every school break he sets out to complete it. 

It all starts when Tyler looks at a map and settles on a place he wants to visit. His mom will call ahead and see if a precinct will allow them to visit with treats - they always say yes.

Tyler either gets his doughnuts donated or his family purchases them at a discount, up to 20 dozen at a time. He travels the country funded by the support of his family and donations from friends and relatives. Tyler even keeps an active count of how many doughnuts he's delivered by state here. 

For the full story on the 'Donut Boy' check out his feature on the Today Show. Follow his journey on his website here.

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