Top 5 Madonna Performances

Happy Birthday to Madonna! If you've read our Top 10 Madonna Songs, you'll see some familiar songs on this list for which she's created some amazing performances. This artist has given us many incredible performances, making it easy to find some of her most stellar times, but difficult to pick the best of the best! Our first choice 

1. Like a Virgin (MTV Awards)It may be no surprise that this performance takes the cake in terms of Madonna's best. At the 1984 MTV Awards, Madonna pushed many boundaries in her performance of Like A Virgin, wearing a wedding dress and addressing the several sexual innuendos in the song. This performance by Madonna was anything but subtle, capturing the interest of all those at the show itself, as well as beyond the room. This performance continues to grab attention years after it was originally done, which is no surprise considering the commitment Madonna has to creating a memorable experience.

Almost two decades later, Madonna changed up the performance of this very song at the MTV VMAs, creating even more buzz as she locked lips with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on stage.

2. Super Bowl Halftime Show (2012)Years apart from what many believe to be her best performance, Madonna took the stage at the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime show and absolutely nailed it! This is a true fact, considering the ratings for her performance that night actually rated higher than the game itself and had the most people tuned in than any other halftime show before. Madonna had a great mix of her classic looks, songs, and energy, as well as some newer dances, songs, and outfits!

3. Vogue (MDNA World Tour)While this song is featured in her Super Bowl Halftime performance, Madonna tends to create a great show for this song. On her MDNA World Tour, Madonna had several backup dancers, a black and white color scheme, and various edgy outfits to recreate a modern version of her classic music video for Vogue. 

She took an entirely different approach to her performance of this song at the MTV Awards in 1990, still capturing the fabulous and fierce essence of it in a whole new way.

4. Music (Grammy's)This particular performance is one that should no go unnoticed simply due to the amount of energy that Madonna brought to the stage. Many artists have a clear difference in energy when performing at an award show rather than on their own tour, but not Madonna. She brings her A-game to the stage and consistently creates an unforgettable show. Her performance of Music at the Grammy's is truly captivating because Madonna is an extraordinary storyteller on top of the fact that she knows how to energize a crowd.

5. Express Yourself (MTV Video Music Awards)Madonna's performance of Express Yourself at the MTV VMA's in this case could be described as "toned down" when comparing it to the numerous spectacles she's created throughout her years. However, this performance truly highlights the fact that Madonna is a genuine entertainer, and does not need to have all the extra dancers, outfits, or props on stage to create a spectacular show. 

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