Ryan's Roses Friday Follow Up 7-6-18

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What would you do if your husband got a text from a coworker... and it was her sonogram? Well, that's what happened to Natalie, who ended up having Ryan call her husband and try to get to the bottom of the matter.

Ryan had to ask the hard questions like, could this be your husband's baby? And Ryan, Sisanie and the caller Natalie tried to get to the bottom of whether he was cheating or just has a weirdly close (and perhaps inappropriate) relationship with his coworker.

Listen to the whole Ryan's Roses segment with Natalie and her husband now here: 

Then listen to the full call here:

Things certainly got... interesting when we called Natalie's husband Colin. Once he assured the flowers were completely free, he sent them to Megan without a note. 

Aaaand then Ryan jumps in to ask "what gives" and the whole thing starts going downhill.

Why is he sending Megan flowers without a note? Who's baby is it? Why is Colin in the middle of it all if they aren't having an affair?

There's a lot to unwrap here... and tomorrow we're getting to the bottom of what's going on with Natalie and Colin since this call.



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