How To Keep Your Pets Calm On This 4th Of July !


How To Keep Your Pet Calm And Safe During Fireworks Fireworks can usually be fun for the whole family, that is, besides your pets. Because of fireworks, July 4 is one of the days that most dogs run away. It can be a day filled with high anxiety for your beloved furballs, so here are some tips.

* First of all, stay calm. Fireworks cause anxiety in pets because they aren't sure if they need to be worried or not. If the owner is calm, the more likely your pets are to be calm.

 *If you notice your pet is having a hard time, and you don't have any veterinarian prescribed medication, try bringing your pet inside a closed room, or even a bathroom - the smaller space seems to be less stressful for the animals. 

*To add an extra feeling of security, a lot of owners like to wrap their pets in blankets.

*  Another key is distractions. Use toys or give them lots of pets and lovin' to distract your animals from the noise outside. 

I hope you and your pets have a happy and safe 4th of July !!

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