Stunning Sports Murals Around Los Angeles

Any sporting event can become extremely intense; fans are always shouting, cheering, clapping, and even painting their faces to show their support and connection to their favorite team. No matter if you like basketball, football, soccer, or baseball, fans don't just paint their faces to express their loyalty, they also paint massive murals! Here are some of the best sports murals across Los Angeles. 


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*Update, the LeBron James mural has been painted over by the artist after being vandalized multiple times

In light of our newest addition to the Lakers, a talented artist (who has done many murals of sports stars across Los Angeles) decided to paint a mural of LeBron James to welcome him to the team and to the city. The mural depicts LeBron as the "King of LA," but some fans did not see it that way.

Shortly after it was done, fans decided to deface the mural, spraypainting across LeBron's face and writing "We don't want you" and "No King" on the wall. Jonas Never, the artist, seemed unphased by the "modifications" to the mural, and simply painted back over them. He did, however, wonder why Lakers fans would be upset about getting "the best player in the game right now" as part of their home team. Either way, it will definitely be an interesting season with our new addition to the Lakers!


A fan of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, artist Jonas Never also took the time to dedicate a mural to the basketball player during his last season in the NBA. The portrait and jerseys were done by Never, who wanted the image of Bryant to be full of emotion as an indicator of the players love for the game as well as his love for the team. The artist was accompanied by a friend of his who restyled the Lakers logo to read "Los Angeles culture," further symbolizing what a big role Kobe Bryant played in the culture of the city, having been with the Lakers for 20 years.

This same artist later did a mural of Lonzo Ball, welcoming the rookie to the team. Having impressed everyone with his college basketball career, the artist hinted at the expectations and hopes that Lakers fans have for the newcomer as the phrase "A whole new ball game" is painted in the mural. 


Another fan of the Lakers painted this amazingly-styled mural of Kobe Bryant on Melrose, also as a tribute to the basketball star. "Mambo on Melrose" was painted using 413 triangles due to the fact that Bryant's last game was played on 4/13. 

Since LeBron James decision to join the Lakers, certain fans decided to place an image of LeBron's face on the mural. However, fans of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant were not impressed and one fan even took the time to tear the image off of the original mural.

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It took three Dodgers fans took 12 hours to paint this mural honoring the team. This mural was painted just before game 3 of the NCLS in 2016. The mural is entirely black, white, and blue, featuring ace Clayton Kershaw and former first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The Dodgers logo is painted in between the two athletes and is made up of all the players' names that were on the team at the time. 

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A different mural by David Flores was painted honoring the Dodgers, and focuses just on a baseball with the Dodgers logo on it. The artist, David Flores, also takes on a simple color scheme, but a very unique style, to focus on the amazing Dodger blue!

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Jonas Never is at it again! This artist clearly isn't just a Lakers fan, but an all-LA sports fan! Showing his support and excitement for another Los Angeles team, Never painted a mural honoring the return of the Rams. He featured running back Todd Gurley and former defensive standout Robert Quinn (who liked Never's post of the mural a few hours after it was put up).

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