20 Amazing new ice creams for the summer!

20 Amazing New Ice Cream Flavors For Summer 2018

Glampfire Trail Mix - Ben & Jerry’s

"Chocolate Ice Cream with Crunchy Pretzel Swirls, Marshmallow Swirls & Fudge-Covered Almonds" - Ben & Jerrry's

Banana Peanut Butter Chip - Haagen Dazs

"Ribbons of rich peanut butter and bits of chocolate chips are folded into sweet banana ice cream to create this playfully indulgent flavor." - Haagen Dazs

Bunny Tracks Load’d Sundae - Blue Bunny

"Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream, Caramel and Fudge Swirls, Chocolaty Covered Peanuts, Chocolaty Peanut Butter Bunnies" - Blue Bunny

Chillin’ The Roast - Ben & Jerry’s

"Our cold brew coffee ice cream not only delivers a chillacious blast of creamy caffeination, it’s also loaded with enough coffee liqueur-filled, cookie crumble-covered truffles to fuel a truffolution." - Ben & Jerry's

Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate - Haagen Dazs

"Our Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate TRIO Crispy Layers weaves lemon and raspberry ice creams between perfectly crispy white chocolate and sweet raspberry sauce for a uniquely tantilizing treat." - Haagen Dazs

Snickers & M&Ms Minis - Breyers

"Caramel with SNICKERS plus Chocolate with M&M's!" - Breyers

Horchata - Baskin-Robbins

"The traditional drink is now a refreshingly indulgent scoop with cinnamon horchata flavored ice swirled with coconut cream." - Baskin-Robbins

Peaches & Cream - Halo Top

A seasonal flavor with only 320 calories per pint. - Halo Top

Reese’s & Reese’s Pieces - Breyers

"Peanut Butter with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups plus Chocolate with REESE'S PIECES" - Breyers

Dark Chocolate Raspberry - Magnum

"Raspberry ice cream with thick dark chocolate shards, all surrounded by a cracking layer of dark chocolate. Made with 65% cacao dark chocolate, it’s luxury in every bite." - Magnum

Mint Cookie Crunch - Talenti

"Our freshly steeped mint gelato sweetened with crunchy chocolate cookie pieces and monk fruit juice, an exotic, low calorie sweetener. The result is a gelato with all the flavor and half the sugar of regular ice cream. We don’t suggest using it as a replacement for breath mints, but if you insist…" - Talenti

Mini Reese’s - Klondike

"What was once a hulking, peanut-buttery beast has been tamed by the shrink ray. 

Like its (much) larger original REESE’S bar, REESE’S Minis pounces on taste buds with all the chocolatey, peanut-buttery deliciousness of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups—but in a cuter, much more snack-able way." - Klondike

Triple Caramel Peanut Heaven - Friendly’s

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake - Ben & Jerry’s

Chocolate Cake Me Away - Skinny Cow

Wildberry Lavendar Mascarpone - Private Selection

Unicorn Magic - Market Pantry

Chocolate Caramel Blondie - Talenti

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