Trader Joe's Has $4 Organic Rosé And We Need This ASAP!

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Just in time for Memorial Day I am  going to have to make a quick stop to Trader Joe's to pick up some rosé cause they are only $3.99 and to make our lives a lot more easier they come with a convenient twist-off cork that is also resealable! The wines come in other varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Nior and they are organic!! 

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Not usually a fan of Trader Joe’s wine, but this one caught my eye as something different... it’s Shaw branded, but made from organic grapes and has a helix closure. The helix cork is a “modern” wine closure that needs no corkscrew— you just twist and out it comes! To store the wine, you just pop the helix cork back in. Easy peazy. It’s touted as the “21st century cork”, and has all the benefits of the original cork. It stores wine just as effectively, still offers that friendly “pop” when you open the bottle, AND is infinitely more convenient. You just don’t see it many places yet. Here’s to hoping that changes, and I applaud @traderjoes for jumping on this innovative technology. Also, intrigued by the “organic” grapes in this... is it actually possible to get a “quality” wine at $2.99? • #winewednesday #helixclosure #wine #winetasting #womeninwine #vino #vin #instawine #winetime #wineblogger #california #cali #luxury #luxurylifestyle #winestagram #winelover #wineallthetime #winebosses_feature #onthewine #traderjoeswine #twobuckchuck #roseallday

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