Next Up Artist of the Week: Elle Winter

Singer-songwriter Elle Winter is 102.7 KIIS FM's Next Up Artist of the Week! She stopped by our studio to talk to KIIS FM's very own late night host EJ about her new blonde hair, growing up in New York and more. Check it out below!

Winter explained that at just 12 years old she was discovered by Radio Disney who helped kickstart her career. She was presented as their "Next Big Thing" and sent out on a national tour, as well as shown on Disney Channel. EJ asked her about the struggles of touring at such a young age, and Winter explained that she surprisingly didn't mind it.

"I was just so excited that I didn't mind the crazy hours and the rough travel schedule, you know? I was just literally living my dream," said Winter.

Winter didn't exactly live the typical child's lifestyle. She always told others that her "sport" was going into the studio to write new lyrics or taking a dance class, rather than playing games with other kids in PE.

In addition to the details about her childhood, Winter brought us up to date on her new music.

She gave us the inside scoop on what her new single "One More" is about! She explained to EJ that the song is actually about her sister's love life, and how she instantly connected with someone that she was dating. The song is very hopeful and upbeat.

Check out her acoustic performance of "One More" below!

Unlike this single, Winter explained that the rest of her album is about a breakup. While a breakup is rather dark and dreary topic, it is incredibly relatable. We've all had a bad breakup, and Winter knows what we're going through.

She keeps a journal by her bedside where she writes out her current emotions, and sometimes she can turn these feelings into a song. She also keeps notes in her phone that may inspire song lyrics when she enters the writing process.

Over the years, she has grown to love songwriting and the fact that you can feel someone else's pain through powerful lyrics. She learned that not everything has to be perfect, and she is able to express what she's really going through so that it relates to everyone, not just the fans she had when she was 12.

Looking to the future, she hopes to release an EP this summer and go on tour. Don't forget to follow Elle Winter on social media so you can stay updated on her whereabouts! She can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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