The Weirdest Jobs of the Contestants on the New Season of the Bachelorette

Now there have always been some weird jobs among the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. I mean who could forget the "Chicken Enthusiast"?

It seems as though they're "professions" get weirder by the year, and this upcoming season of the Bachelorette is no different. 

Thanks to Bustle, here are the weirdest "careers" among the cast...

Ryan, Banjoist

Ryan is a banjoist from Manhattan Beach, CA. Ok... what does that mean? How does he make a living being a banjoist? Can a banjoist also be a guitarist? In that case, why wouldn't you just call yourself a musician? I have so many questions about Ryan the "banjoist."

Jean Blanc, Colognoisseur

Jean Blanc is a "Colognoisseur" from Pensacola, FL. I don't know exactly what a "colognoisseur" is or what a "colognoisseur" does, but if I had to guess, I would say he sells cologne in a Nordstrom in Florida but wants to make his job sound cooler than it is. Or maybe he makes his own cologne? Or maybe he just likes smelling cologne? I don't know, but I need more specification, Jean Blanc.

Kamil, Social Media Participant

Ok, this one what caught my eye. Kamil is a social media PARTICIPANT. WHAT?! Aren't we all social media participants? Hundreds of millions of people around the world are social media PARTICIPANTS! Well, after doing some research... just simply looking at his social media... he clarified that he works in Real Estate and is a model. He does have 174K followers, so he has social media following, but I still don't understand how this is a profession.

Joe, Grocery Store Owner

Joe is a grocery store owner from Chicago. Although this isn't that strange of a job, it's just not one that you see every day. Actually, it's kind of cool. How does one go about owning a grocery store? Is it just one location of a larger franchise or is it an independent store? Does he get free groceries? Again, I have a lot of questions.

Christon, Former Harlem Globetrotter

Christon is a Former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles. Again, not a strange profession, just kind of an odd one. Like, what have you been up to since being a Harlem Globetrotter, Christon? Are you just living off of that Harlem Globetrotter money? Do you do anything else for work? I'm not ruling you out yet, Christon, because I actually think this is pretty cool, but you have to be doing something with your life since being a "current" Harlem Globetrotter.

John, Software Engineer

Now this job is not weird at all... in fact, it's pretty impressive. It's just weird that someone with this job would be on this show. John is a software engineer from San Francisco/Silicon Valley. John, you have a very lucrative, respectable job... what are you doing on The Bachelorette? This guy designs apps and software and went to Columbia University. I mean, I guess software engineers need love to, but in a sea of real estate agents, wannabe actors, and bartenders, I'm surprised to see a software engineer.

Well, that does it for this season's "Weird Bachelor/Bachelorette Professions." Good luck, Becca! At this point, anything is better than Arie.

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