You Can Get As Many 50¢ Frosties as You Want Right Now at Wendy's

I don't know about you, but I feel like Wendy's is higher up on the scale of quality fast food.

Well, Wendy's just made the fast food franchise even more appetizing by offering small frosties for just 50¢ each!

The company announced the deal last Thursday, and since then people have been freaking out. 

A small frosty comes in either chocolate or vanilla and normally costs $1, so they're now 50% off, which does sound a little ridiculous when we're only talking about 50¢ and $1. 

If you're wondering why this deal is so sweet, it's because you can get AS MANY AS YOU WANT!

Wendy's tweeted themselves and said that there is no limit to the amount of frosties you can buy for 50¢.

Now that's a good deal! So often, food franchises do deals on the smallest possible size and you can only get one, but Wendy's is the real MVP for this one.

If that wasn't sweet enough, Wendy's is also partnering with MTV and giving away a free trip for two. From now until May 31st, if you upload a picture of yourself with your 50¢ frosty on Twitter or Instagram and use #ThatFrostyLifeSweepstakes, you will be entered to win. The lucky winners will either see a concert or comedy show in New York or get a trip to Nashville.

This is awesome!

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