Nicki Minaj And Tina Fey Might Be Doing A Movie Together?


Nicki Minaj and Tina Fey doing a movie together? Tina Fey will host Saturday Night Live this weekend and Nicki Minaj will be the musical guest. While promoting the appearance on Instagram, Nicki let it spill that she's working on a new movie with Fey. Minaj wrote, "She and I are shooting our movie after Saturday's show airs. It's called #GetYaLifeUgly." We can guess that Get Ya Life Ugly is the name of the film. We don't know much else. Are you DVR'ing SNL this week? Do you like that they show it live across the country now? 

If they are really doing a movie there is no word on what kind of movie it will but I am pretty sure it has to be comedy what do you think it might be ?

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