Here's The 5 Best Micheladas in Los Angeles

Micheladas can be made so many different ways, but they almost always include Modelo, Clamato or tomato juice, lime, hot sauce, salt and a bit of tajín on the rim. Think of it as a twist on the classic Bloody Mary.

If you are looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles by drinking a few micheladas, we can help you find all the best locations to do so!

1. I Love Micheladas - MicheMobile

This customized '69 Volkswagen Bus has four working taps, a TV, speakers and a DJ booth inside. Based out of LA, the MicheMobile caters parties and moves around the city, so you'll have to track it down. However, the search will be well worth it considering micheladas are their specialty!

2. The 20/20 Bar & Grill

This restaurant serves 50 different types of micheladas. Some of the coolest versions of their micheladas are served in a watermelon or pineapple and are meant to be split between multiple people! They also sell micheladas surrounded by ceviche and shrimp if you are looking for something related to seafood.

3. Angel City Brewery

The LA based brewery serves a Srirachelada, which is exactly what it sounds like: a michelada loaded with sriracha.

Made with pickled banana pepper juice, tomato juice, lime juice, agave, worcestershire sauce and sriracha, this spicy drink is sure to get your taste buds burning in the best way possible. They even sell it in a 22 ounce bottle if you want to take it to go!

4. Diablo Taco

Diablo Taco on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles is best known for their Diablo Pops. Essentially, these are tomato and lime flavored popsicles that you drop into your beer to create the perfect michelada! They are sour, salty and spicy all in one, and make for a more unique experience than simply ordering the drink.

5. Mercado — Cocinas y Calaveras

Mercado Taqueria serves a Michelada de Mango, made with mango purée, tecate, lime juice and chile mango ice cubes. This drink puts a twist on the classic michelada, and they have locations in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Los Angeles and Pasadena. This is perfect because no matter where you live, there is one close to you!

Can it be Saturday already? We can not wait to be living it up with all our friends in LA, equipped with micheladas in hand!

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